About us


The one thing I cannot stand is being bored. 

I wanted a creative playground. And thank god my hilarious friend ABBE feels the same.

We wanted a canvas to give space to ideas, stories, interesting people and things.

Sometimes we meet people that inspire and surprise us, make us excited and more curious.

Artists, Thinkers, Creators , or just random *normal* people- known or unknown.

Their words linger, their stories keep coming back to us and they make us feel like we want to be part of their world-at least for a little while.

Besides that there are just too many significant and wonderfully insignificant things in our city that we like to take a look at and write about. Girls just wanna have fun! xoxo


Always ready for an adventure, a big glass of wine, a fun conversation, a delicious meal, a yoga class, a good book, a conga line, and a binge-watch.

I am excited by new experiences, even if they turn out to be undeniably strange or slightly uncomfortable.

People can be fascinating. I love to listen to the stories people want to tell…and maybe especially the ones they try to avoid telling…

This blog is a new way for us to explore and share and connect and communicate. 

Mostly, we’re just curious.


We are LA based.